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About Jen.




I meet the most amazing humans.

But no matter how much success they’ve experienced, many are weighted down by expectations, bound by negative thoughts, and frozen in fear. It’s my mission to help people remove all that junk so they can show up as their ingenious selves.

There usually isn’t a roadmap for the type of transition we embark upon.

I’ve been the first person in almost every career role I’ve had, so I know what it’s  like to navigate the unknown. With my unique experience and training, I create a safe space for you to explore. As you learn to handle negative thoughts and emotions, you’ll tap into a deeper wisdom, one that is already inside of you.

You’ll get proven techniques that you can use each day to improve your emotional intelligence, boost creativity, and become a happier, more aligned person. These techniques are based on years of global research, combined with practical application from thousands of people around the world, including myself and my clients.

While the results are different for everyone, my clients have navigated successful career transitions, attained greater financial success, and launched ideas they didn’t know they had.

I’ll listen to your goals.

Then you’ll take a couple of assessments so we can create a plan specific to you. Whether you choose the group or individual coaching, you’ll have all the tools you need to transform your challenges into superpowers.

You’ve already played by others’ rules.
It’s time to create your own.