The Society of Ingenious Women

Society of Ingenious Women

We are a dynamic group of forward-thinking women from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, from across the US and four foreign countries.

We are entrepreneurs, CEOs, fundraisers, HR executives, real estate agents, attorneys, artists, healers, business coaches, life coaches and ex-military.

We are women who understand that the power dynamic in the world is out of balance, dominated by an “I-win-you-lose” energy that keeps women earning 83 cents on a dollar to what men make, that keeps women out of the board room, out of government, and struggling to bring our gifts to their full fruition.

Changing this paradigm starts with questioning ourselves and growing our skills. Ingenious Women respect the fact that we have different perspectives, and that we won’t agree 100% with the ideas and opinions of other Ingeniorati.

But, we recognize our important commonalities, like wanting to provide a good life for our families, happiness for ourselves, and enough money to feel safe and empowered. We use this as our foundation to listen and learn from each other.

If you are a woman looking for genuine connection with other women, wanting to challenge yourself to create your best life, you belong here. Welcome. We are eager to listen to your voice in the conversation.

We meet weekly, via zoom to discuss wide-ranging topics, and develop our skills to address them. Recent examples: Asking the right questions, Emotional Intelligence, The intersection of power, money and womanhood, and Bias.

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